Daughters of Darkness 2022 Notice

Updated 1/24/22

It is with heavy hearts that we announce we will be canceling the Daughters of Darkness festival in 2022. Due to the ongoing pandemic, and personal and professional obligations of the organizers, we will not be hosting an in-person or online version of the festival this year. With the ultimate aim of being able to produce the best event we can, we are taking this year off to regroup, reorganize, and create a better, more accessible festival experience.

However, it is not all bad news! We are already in the beginning stages of planning an in-person festival for 2023, and are pleased to announce it will take place April 1-2, 2023 at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem. We will be back and better than ever as we make changes to be implemented for 2023, some of which we are very excited to share with you soon.

We will begin taking vendor applications in the Summer of 2022 for the 2023 event. The first opportunity for applying will be exclusively for vendors who were selected in 2020 who have not had the chance to vend in person yet, due to the pandemic. Any new/remaining spaces available will then be opened up for new applications at that time. Join the mailing list on our website and follow us on social media for the latest festival updates.

Daughters of Darkness is an organization devoted to dark artistries and small businesses created by women and non-binary creatives. Each year we host a festival in Salem, MA featuring a huge vendor marketplace, live music and performances, panels and Q & A's, and art shows throughout the town encouraging attendees to support the women-led businesses and learn about women's history in Salem. We have seen a need for resources and support in our time as the organizers of Daughters of Darkness, and are always finding new ways to provide inspiration, motivation, and knowledge.


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