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Hello Friends,

With heavy hearts, and after extended deliberation and soul-searching, we have decided to permanently dissolve Daughters of Darkness and cancel the 2023 festival. This organization and the associated events have been very dear to us, and we love supporting creators and small businesses and our beneficiary HAWC, but planning and executing the event was taking a toll on our personal and professional lives. We have decided we need to focus our energy on our businesses, employees, and personal well-being.

We still plan to raise funds for HAWC via our shop Die With Your Boots On, so please follow Die With Your Boots On's social media for future details. The Hawthorne Hotel has also graciously offered to refund our event deposit for the space as a donation for HAWC. The Hawthorne has been incredibly supportive throughout the pandemic with our in-person event cancellations and of our eventual decision to dissolve Daughters of Darkness, and we want to acknowledge and thank them for their understanding. We would also like to acknowledge how many people were involved in the creation and execution of Daughters of Darkness, as well as the many curated events that were a part of the festival. As volunteers, as organizers of satellite events, as vendors, as artists, and as collaborators. We are forever grateful and hope that the impact and inspiration of these events will stay with you always, as we know it will remain with us.

When we started Daughters of Darkness, there was a clear need for this kind of market in our community, but now there are several other market and festival style events in Salem and surrounding areas that create very special environments for strange and unique makers, artists, and business owners. Some other market events we recommend are Girl Gang Crafts Market (, Darksome Craft Market (, The Witches' Night Market at Witch City Tarot Gathering (, and Salem Night Faire (

We cannot thank you all enough for your love and support. You made Daughters of Darkness special, you were the true inspiration throughout these events. You brought your creativity and comradery to Daughters of Darkness over the last 5 years, and we made friends, colleagues, and memories that we will treasure forever. It is our hope that eventually we will be able to host other specialized events through Die With Your Boots On and The Ossuary, so please keep in touch! We look forward to supporting and attending your future events, and watching you grow and succeed in all of your wonderful weirdness. Thank you so, so much. 

Our very best,

The Daughters of Darkness Organizers

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