Daughters of Darkness is an organization devoted to dark artistries and small businesses created by women. Each year we host a festival in Salem, MA featuring a huge vendor marketplace, live music and performances, panels and Q & A's, and art shows throughout the town encouraging attendees to support the women-led businesses and learn about women's history in Salem. We have seen a need for resources and support in our time as the organizers of Daughters of Darkness, and are always finding new ways to provide inspiration, motivation, and knowledge. This year, we have added a blog to our website, in hopes that we might be able to share information throughout the year. We hope you will find it illuminating, and we look forward to seeing you in person in April 2021!


Thank You!

Sadly, the in-person Daughters of Darkness festival was canceled due to social distancing. But we didn't let it stop us, we took the event online with #virtualdodfest!

While we missed seeing all of your beautiful faces in person, we are incredibly grateful for your support online during #virtualdodfest. We estimate that our vendors raised over $5000 for HAWC Northshore (Healing Abuse, Working for Change) and that doesn’t even include individual donations of those who made them directly to their organization! We have also heard such wonderful things from the vendors involved, all of whom really needed a boost during this difficult time when all small businesses are losin traction. Your support means the world to us because it will keep us doing what we love. Every year we come away from Daughters of Darkness feeling inspired and motivated, and this year was no exception. Thank you for being a part of it.


You Can Still Support HAWC!

Find out how you can donate or provide help to HAWC Northshore. In a time when people in abusive situations are trapped at home with their abusers under quarantine, it's so important to provide a safe haven to those who need assistance.

Donate money to HAWC Directly

Contribute something from their Wishlist

Get Involved by Volunteering with HAWC



Vendors involved in the 2020 #virtualdodfest have been invited to vend in person at the 2021 event, on April 9th, 10th, and 11th 2021. Check out their online shops and Instagram accounts below!

Adrina Dietra


Art of A. Whinthrop


Art of Sara Richard


Balefire Apothicary


Bats in the Belfry Crafts


Black Cat Clothiers


Black Cloud Co.


Black Widow Yoga


Brett Manning Art


Burial Ground


Cabinet of Curious Clay


Creeping Death Designs


Daughters of Darkness Merch


Death Follows


Death of Seasons


Defective Pudding


Die With Your Boots On


Drop Dead & Wrought


Embercraft Creations


Emporium 32




FunDead Publications


Georgia Made This




Gravestone Girls


Greenwood Creations


Heather Black Art


Helheim Gallery


Hervor Soaps


Hive & Forge


Holmes Haus Photo


House of Gnosis


Houss Freya


Hypnovamp Jewelry


I Do Declare


Jegan Mones


Jenny Machete


Jessi Hardesty


Karen Jerzyk Photography


Lapels & Spells
Laserbrain Patch Co.

@lapelsandspells / @laserbrainpatchco

LastCraft Designs


Leigh Anita


Light Witch


Lively Ghosts


Mary Syring


Maura O'Connor Illustration


Moon & Stag


Moss Märchen


Nikki Deerest


Northern Vixen






Old Growth Alchemy


Potion PVD


Primal Adornments


Rag & Bone Dolls


Ravenstone Gifts


Red Antler Apothecary


Roses & Rue Antiques


Skeletons in the Closet




Speakeasy Donuts


Starstrung Jewelry


The Cemeterrarium


The Chaos Factor


The Creeping Moon


The Pickety Witch


The Pretty Cult


The Strange & Unusual


Thorns Clothing




Verona Black




Wee Besoms


Wings of Sin


Witch City Wicks





Foxblood Shop

Helheim Gallery Tattoo

Die With Your Boots On

Witch City Wicks

The Cemeterrarium

Moonbaby Hair Salon

Retonica Event Lighting


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