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Adrina Dietra


Adrina D Graham {she/her} is the namesake, kitchen witch, and traditional African spiritualist behind the budding brand, Adrina Dietra. Adrina Dietra is a Minority Woman owned business that ethically hand crafts luxury lingerie and small-batch natural apothecary goods. Located in Ithaca, NY, all lingerie components are ethically sourced primarily from small businesses between Massachusetts, New York, and California. Many items are hand dyed using natural dye alternatives such as dry teas, fruits/berries, live plants, etc. They are then, handcrafted, by Adrina in her in-shop studio. Also crafted by Adrina, are small batch apothecary goods utilizing natural ingredients--some of which are even grown/infused by Adrina herself! Please visit the website and click the tab titled 'thE.Brand' for more about AD, its practices, and its commitment to the community through, 'The Ife Project!--a new initiative with the goal of providing basic undergarments and toiletries to folks on more than just an annual basis.'


Art of Sara Richard


Sara Richard is an Eisner and Ringo Award-nominated fine artist, illustrator, and writer who is also the 10th Great Grand-daughter of Witch Trials victim, Margaret Scott. Sara's art, inspired by Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Victorian Death imagery has been seen in the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and WIRED. She's illustrated the DC Comics Tarot card set, the latest release of The Royal Book of Oz (Clover Press), and the Greek Gods, Goddesses and Heroes handbook from Simon and Schuster. Sara offers beautifully macabre signed prints, books, designer enamel pins, and other accessories to wear your death positivity and appreciation of the shadows with pride. She is also the creator of "The Wicklow Skulls", a weekly 4-panel "slice-of-death" comic about two skulls in love on an Irish hillside.


Balefire Apothecary


Balefire Apothecary is owned and operated by Amanda Lynn, and celebrated her 5 year anniversary in the small business world. She's a licensed Esthetician and herbalist who works with locally sourced plant material and fuses it her knowledge of ingredients. Balefire Apothecary creates Leaping Bunny Certified luxurious skincare, soaps, tinctures, perfumes and teas all inspired by nature, folklore, the darker side of New England and her heritage. She's also created an inclusive and active Facebook group: The Balefire Coven to connect with others and share behind the scenes of her creations. You'll find her nestled in her home in New Hampshire with her creatures endlessly reading and living off of soup dumplings.


Bats In The Belfry Crafts


If you’re a lover of creatures that go bump in the night, then you’ve come to the right place! Here, we specialize in creating handmade gifts for the darkly minded by offering a wide selection of creeptacular goodies such as handmade plush, prints, stickers, and more.


Black Cloud Company


Merchandise that will secure your spot in hell featuring dark artists from around the world


Black Widow Yoga


Black Widow Yoga is the original Metal Yoga company of New England! Serving you fun, heavy, and dark yoga classes since 2017. Black Widow Yoga started offering metal & goth yoga wear in 2019, and continues to hold classes –now online– on their virtual studio. The owner, Tina, is a Salem native and aims to bring spooky and metal yoga classes and clothes to all you fitness witches out there!

Brett Manning Art


Brett lives in a spooky old Midwestern farm house, drawing, painting, creating candles and other home goods all day. She also has a small line of clothing featuring her hand drawn illustrated patterns. She’s obsessed with and inspired by folklore, cryptids, and mythology, all being dominant themes found in her art.


Cabinet Of Curious Clay


Cabinet of Curious Clay is dark, decorative and functional pottery created by Lindsay Keating in her ceramics studio located in Southeastern PA. Established in 2015, Lindsay saw a lack of darker themed handmade ceramics in the craft world and sought to fill the void. Lindsay references unusual historical imagery in her work as well as creating her own original artwork. Her designs are translated into her pottery through sgraffito (carving) techniques, painting and sculpting. She throws each piece on the pottery wheel. She does not use decals or printing rather each design is done freehand and uniquely created.


Creeping Death Designs


Creeping Death Designs is a one woman clothing company run by seamstress and designer Christina Schwarz. Seeing a lack of stylish women's clothing in the metal scene, Christina sought to change that by modifying loose band shirts into sexy fitted tank tops, dresses and skirts for herself. In 2019 she took it a step further and founded Creeping Death Designs. Despite the company's new status, they have designed for clients all over North America as well as touring musicians Haydee Irizarry (Aversed/Carnivora) and Nick Petrino (Dee Snider/My Missing Half). In addition to women's clothing Creeping Death Designs also offers unisex flannels, masks, and bags. All Creeping Death pieces are made by hand in Salem, Massachusetts with great attention to detail.

Death Follows


Death Follows was created by Salem-based artist Amelia Kurpeski to bring memento mori inspired art to life. Her hand drawn wall plaques celebrate the beauty in tragedy and the macabre. She draws inspiration from old New England cemeteries, Victorian mourning art, nature, and of course, Halloween.


Death of Seasons


Death of Seasons, a project by Erika Leahey, is heavily influenced by nature, folklore, ritual, and superstition. It’s a reverence for the dark half of the year, of what lives in the shadows and behind the veil, of drawing inward and reflecting. It’s a creative process born of solitude and love of the supernatural. All pieces created are intricate and grayscale, taking the shape of prints, pins, patches, stickers, hand painted plaques, and ornaments.



Christa Dippel works under the artist name Defectivepudding, and is a self-taught illustrator and visual artist who has been pursuing art professionally for several years. Her works are primarily created in color pencil and graphite. Most of her inspiration is drawn from vintage media, toys, and clothes, in addition to a fascination with wildlife and nature. As a result, many of her pieces have a nostalgically sweet appearance; even while exploring subjects that are melancholy.

image_6483441 (18).JPG

Die With Your Boots On


Amber Newberry started Die With Your Boots On in 2018 with one very simple idea at the forefront, that gothic and alternative fashion should be for anyone who wants to wear it. Together with her partner Nick, she has created a destination for strange and unusual style in their beloved hometown of Salem, MA, as well as an online shop which ships worldwide. With an emphasis on dressing for yourself and what makes you feel good, DWYBO has come to be known for its down-to-earth maxim and a sharp sense of humor. Being a small business owner means Amber gets to select styles without the confines of sticking to any one specific idea of what gothic style is, because it can be so many things to so many people. It is her hope that DWYBO will give people a chance to explore what dark aesthetic is for them personally.


Embercraft Creations


Marin is the sole owner and artist of Embercraft Creations. She is a 26 year old leatherworker, pagan witch, and visual storyteller living in Boston, Massachusetts. She strives to manifest myths and magic of centuries past into wearable art, carved with runes and symbols of power designed to help her customers channel their inner intentions. Though she finds herself drawn to all of Mother Earth’s natural gifts, her medium of choice is leather. For the past joyful decade, her hands haven’t stopped stamping, carving, shaping, and crafting this ancient material. She is completely self taught, and every day feels she learns a little more. Co-creation is an important part of her artistic process, so Marin personalizes every single item with your choice of Runes, to make the piece uniquely yours. Whether it be a bracelet, a bag, a belt, or a set of bracers, your custom piece will be a central part of your daily or ritual wardrobe for years to come. Order your special, handcrafted piece at and follow her journey on Instagram and Facebook (@EmbercraftCreations).


Emporium 32


Emporium 32 is a vintage lifestyle boutique in the heart of downtown Salem. We specialize in quality goods inspired by beauty of bygone eras, with a focus on artist-made treasures. Through our doors, you'll find a wide collection of handmade jewelry, accessories, vintage-inspired art, bath and body goods, unique home decor,hand-finished hats, and a meticulously curated selection of magickal supplies. Our portfolio of artists is made up of over 70% women-owned brands from all over the globe. For this year's Daughters of Darkness, our owner Jillian will be offering an exclusive line of her handmade jewelry, stationery, and home decor, inspired by Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian mourning traditions. A portion of our sales for the DoD weekend will be donated to HAWC, an organization committed to ending the domestic violence epidemic, educating the community, and offering help for abused women, children, men in Massachusetts.




Fatale is all about female empowerment. What started as a simple notion, what if the horror icons were women, soon blossomed into a series of original artwork. Every stylized pin is a re-imagining of the most famous horror legends, but with a strong female lead. Each design brings out the beauty and strength of these women without an emphasis on physicality. Fatale looks to reshape the horror genre, one woman at a time. Be one of us!


FunDead Publications


FunDead Publications was founded by Amber Newberry as a place for emerging gothic and horror writers to explore indie publishing. Laurie Moran (@ofthevalleyandthesea) joined Amber as an editor when FunDead was just beginning the process for the first release, Shadows in Salem. Since then, FunDead has released 6 anthologies featuring writers from all over, with the help of a small team of creatives, including Bret Valdes (@bretvaldez) and Aaron Crocker (@authorerincrocker). FunDead is also known locally for indie and self-publishing seminars, to help writers delve into the process of publishing through non-traditional means, along with Meg Wasmer (@megpyre) of @copperdogbooks. Although the public events have been "shelved" due to the pandemic, you can still purchase FunDead books through @diewithbootson & @copperdogbooks and keep an eye on their website and social media for updates and calls for submissions.


Georgia Made This


Georgia Made This is the brand of 9 year old Salem resident Georgia Wrenn, who started the company that features her whimsical and spooky illustrations when she was 6 years old.




Goatspell is a slow fashion brand run by designer/sewist/one-person-show Koda with an emphasis on quality materials and thoughtful design. As a dark folkloric clothier, the inspirations that drive Goatspell's style come from Eastern and Central European folk costume, historical dress, witchcraft, and gothic fashion. Goatspell strives to be eco-friendly, using deadstock, vintage, and natural materials when possible. These bewitching pieces are crafted to last and become your favorite garment.


Gravestone Girls


Gravestone Girls create replicas of old New England tombstones in the form of wall hangings, magnets, coasters, mirrors, pinboards and more! Cast directly from originals still on cemetery landscapes, their art is a piece of history in your hand! "Keeping Our Dead Alive" through lectures, tours, classes and art, they work nationwide, raising cemetery awareness and teaching citizens the history buried under their feet.

Heather Black Art


Heather is an artist who appreciates the beauty that lies within dark moments and haunting imagery. Visually inspired by the visceral paintings of Francis Bacon, the cinematography of 1930s horror and films noir, and her study of Japanese woodblock prints based on macabre folklore, she creates pen drawings and acrylic paintings with the hope of turning a dark moment into something prettier, capturing the essence of what is pretty about it, or allowing one the opportunity to look for it.

Hervor Soaps


Hervor soaps is a woman owned, all natural, small batch, soap company. They offer selections of soap, salt baths, lotions and other sundries that are reminiscent of the old ways and try to stay true to nature by sourcing ingredients locally and with a social conscious. Hervor Soaps focuses on keeping skin healthy with special mixes of essential oils and other ingredients found in nature that have been used for thousands of years to help nourish and protect without harsh additives or fragrance oils. Hervor Soaps was started by Christine Rock and Tia Cole as a ladies crafting night that snowballed into a business. Tia, with her social media savvy and being community art advocate and Christine’s background in healthcare and love of science made a prefect pair to create all natural soap and bath products.


Hive & Forge


We are a collective of 30+ artisans and curators from New England. Each one of our artists takes meticulous care in crafting one of a kind pieces by hand, while our curators choose high quality pieces that you would not find anywhere else. Based in the heart of downtown Salem since September 2018, and downtown Lowell MA at Mill No 5 since October 2020, our goal is to bring the small business to the forefront.

Holmes Haus Photo


Ash Holmes is a non-binary Scottish-American photographer based in Salem, Massachusetts. Their work has many different influences, including Victorian mourning rituals, Scottish folklore, gothic literature, New England history, witchcraft, and the occult. Ash’s ghostly images are inspired by photographs from the 19th and early 20th centuries. They graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2015 with a B.A. in Business of Art and Design, and have been focusing on their photography career ever since. To collaborate or commission work, you can e-mail them at

Houss Freya


Daysi uses her love for nature and her practice to create her enchanting handcrafted items. She chooses the elements according to their magical properties to create tools to assist people on their own personal journey. In her line you will find “Intention Candles w/ crystals” they are soy wax hand poured candles with intention specific herbs, essential oil blends and healing crystals in each one. You will also find many other offerings handmade by Daysi to aid in, Intention work, ritual, meditation, spell work and practice. Some of the items include, shower melts, loose incense, bath salts, body oils, attraction roll on oils, smudging sprays, mini ritual candles, enchanted dust, and more.



Inspired by vintage horror, mid-century design, and the endless void of outer space, Hypnovamp jewelry will transport you to another dimension. Stephanie has been a metalsmith for over 15 years and she uses both traditional silver-smithing and computer aided-design to create her pieces. Defining features of her work include darkly patinated silver and the frequent use of glow-in-the-dark quartz, which gives her jewelry an added level of intergalactic intrigue. If you like bats, moons, & psychedelic op art, Hypnovamp jewelry is for you.

I Do Declare


Drawing inspiration from styles across history I Do Declare creates pieces for old souls and battle witches. Using high quality materials in each piece, to create truly special garments that feel wonderful on the body and aims to replicate the protective feeling of armor in fabric and revive the romance of bygone days.



Professional Guidance

jeganmones is an artist living in Pittsburgh, PA who creates minimal line art with her index finger on her laptop’s trackpad. jeganmones is an erotic and spooky brand bringing you creations on lighters, candles, skateboards, clothing, vintage book pages, keychains & more! Let her turn your favorite nude or pet photo into a work of art with a custom order or choose from over 30 designs ranging from mushroom boobies to the grim reaper skateboarding.


Jessi Hardesty


Jessi Hardesty is an anxious mark maker who fixates on manifestations of longing and mortality. Much of her imagery is based in folklore and spiritualism- via the ritual labor of woodcut, she seeks to channel and liaise with the forgotten, the secret, and the ephemeral. Jessi Hardesty is the head of Visual Arts and curator at Carroll Community College in Westminster, MD. She holds an MFA in Print Media from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BA in Studio Art from Salem State University. She lives and maintains a studio in Baltimore, MD.

Laserbrain Patch Co

@laserbrainpatchco @lapelsandspells

Stina is the artist behind both Lapels And Spells and Laserbrain Patch co. She loves to create nature, animal, and magical themed art along with nerdy and geeky fan art. She designs and sells pins, patches, stickers, and prints. She’s also a tattoo artist.




LastCraft which started in 2013 features artwork by Amanda Lee Stilwell. Products include unique homegoods, tarot cards, magical tools and accessories. Amanda's work is inspired by rituals, altar spaces, worshipfulness stirred in a cauldron with pop icons, astrology and cult movies.


Lively Ghosts


Lively Ghosts carries a vast collection of enamel pins, apparel, home goods, teas/elixirs, & other trinkets reflecting the dark & macabre. From pumpkin-cutout-tea spoons to Coffin Pin Boards, the Lively Ghosts shop thrives on creating unique pieces that catch the eye.

Mary Syring


Mary syring is a pen and ink artist who dabbles in speciality candle and perfume creation inspired by by history, Halloween, fairy tales and the dark macabre. She is also the creator of the show “The Saturday Evening Ghost”, where she tells original or your spooky ghost stories while creating artwork inspired by them.

Moon & Stag


Moon & Stag provides all natural hedge-witchery, using real herbs, bones, & stones to create house charms, totems, divination tools, & altar items. Wortcunning, occult knowledge, and blessings go into to each piece, as unique as the person that receives them. Custom work is available, and is meant for new & experienced practitioners.


Nikki Deerest


Nikki Deerest is owned and operated by taxidermist Nicole Baldelli. She has over 5 years of taxidermy experience where she specializes in novelty taxidermy. She also teaches taxidermy classes out of Hive & Forge in Salem, MA and her home studio in Sterling, MA. She creates works of art using rabbits, mice, and squirrels, as well as art using bones and wings. None of the animals she uses have been harmed for taxidermy purposes, some are from the farming industry and some found. She enjoys the gory and very artistic parts of taxidermy. She also offers traditional taxidermy under her full-time business, Lone Fox Taxidermy.


Northern Vixen


Chelsey is the sole creatrix behind Northern Vixen. Drawing inspiration from nature and solitude- curious jewelry and home adornments are handcrafted using reclaimed objects, stones, and copper. Her intentions are to help shift the perspectives surrounding death and decay, to bring beauty and new life to something that would otherwise be forgotten. She hopes that the wearer will find a connection to the natural earth through her creations. With copper being a highly conductive metal, it channels and enhances the energy properties of crystals and bones. All animal remains used in her work are gathered honorably and sustainably from finds in nature, roadkill, and secondhand shops.




Nyxturna is run and operated by Fay Nowitz (she/her), a Chicago based interdisciplinary artist, photographer and designer. Her work focuses on the intersection of magick, witchcraft, ritual, queer identity and historic elements. With a background in photography and metalworking her pieces often take the form of wearable armor, handmade talismans, occult inspired imagery and collage with a sapphic lens. She’s been a practicing photographer for 17+ years and often combines photography with the physical manifestations of her pieces, creating multi faceted work.

Oddwitch Jewelry


Lex of @oddwitch jewelry & spiritual adornments: Jewelry that inspires confidence, appreciation of nature and most importantly, self-love. From the imagination stage to the shipping of each order, Lex is behind each step that goes into oddwitch. When you follow @Oddwitch, you will discover that it is not only a place to browse unique handmade jewelry but also read real, raw personal entries about lex’s mental & physical health experiences. She strongly believes in the importance of destigmatizing mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction & harm reduction. Please feel free to follow & support Lex as she grows her art & works toward continuing to create a safe space within her home of Salem MA & her online community.


Old Growth Alchemy


Old Growth Alchemy is a purveyor of specialty teas, botanical bitters, and wild curiosities. Inspired by land, lore, and the occult each creation weaves together sensory exploration and the imaginations of story. Made in time with the seasonal changes of the lands with collections such as fairy tales, fandoms, literature, and more.




The founders of Potion, Katie Mulcahy and Viana Newton, were brought together by a mutual love of nature, self-care, and folklore. Nights spent poring over spiritual textbooks, traditions, and herbal remedies resulted in an idea that grew to a wistful passion, and ultimately led the pair to create Potion in 2016. With Katie’s license in esthetics and Viana’s inventiveness, as well as their individual herbalist backgrounds, Potion's first products were conceived. By consulting with high-end skincare experts and U.S.-based herb farms while receiving certifications in holistic skincare and cosmetics formulation, Katie and Viana made their dreams tangible. Since its inception, Potion’s product line has grown, yet its philosophy remains the same: the best care for one’s skin and self comes from the earth.


Primal Adornments


Primal Adornments features nature themed art, jewelry and home decor. Each individual piece is crafted with a deep respect for life, death, and all things natural. The artistic style of every work speaks toward a very honest philosophy of life, which revolves around the importance of sustainability and a focus on awareness of our inevitable demise. Kim Morrison is the sole proprietor and creative mind behind Primal Adornments. Growing up on the Seacoast of New Hampshire has given her a great appreciation for the seasons of nature and cycles of life that can be found all around us.


Rag and Bone Dolls


Jana Christy is a self-taught artist, living in New England. Her work pulls from nature, dreams, and folk tales. Her obsessive fascination with the past, and the beauty and importance of decay pervades her thoughts and haunts her work. Jana’s figurative art can be found in private collections throughout the world.




Kathleen creates bold, unique, conversation-starting jewelry with a focus on everyday magic. Vintage designs are given new life in New England with recycled brass and precious metal finishes. Along with a vast jewelry line, Ravenstone also owns a brick and mortar shop in Lynn, MA where they sell a dreamy assortment of crystals, plants, books, candles, and more.


Red Antler Apothecary


Red Antler Apothecary was dreamt up back in 2013 after Rachel Chandler, founder, got tired of feeling chained to supporting big companies that sell poison to pad their bottom line. This drove Rachel to begin the research and development of her own recipes for most daily goods. After years of practice, Rachel was excited to share all the fantastic and effective products that she had been making for friends and family! Red Antler Apothecary has been open at Mill No. 5 in Lowell, MA as a brick and mortar since 2014, a large selection of goods on their website, and a second brick and mortar location within Hive & Forge in Salem, MA!


Roses & Rue Antiques


Roses & Rue Antiques is a one-woman business that specializes in Victoriana, keepsakes, devotional objects, books, and ephemera.

Seven Sisters Ritual Apothecary


Seven Sisters Ritual Apothecary is a curator of magickal goods, channeled from The Other and brought into fruition in sacred space. A devotion and practice of wielding shadow. SvS brick and mortar shoppe is located in London Ontario. Catering to the mystically minded and curious individual, they house herbs for spellcraft, ritual tools, oils, incenses, candles, books, tarot, treasures to please any witch, crystals, tarot readers, healers (courtesy of RitualHaus Healing) and herbal remedies crafted from their own gardens as well as their favorite local makers and friends from across North America. Within their walls you will also find London's only school of witchcraft and temple space.


Shop Jenny Machete


Jenny Machete is a Salem, MA based artist whose medium is soft vegan leather. Her shop is full of creative and unique harnesses, phone holsters, and belts. The idea to design harnesses came to her after she saw how one, strategically placed, could elevate an outfit. The styles found in her shop range from strictly fashion to highly practical. To make sure that everyone is included, her shop offers a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles. From designing to hand making and packing every order Jenny is a one woman operation! You can find her handcrafted goods online at, in her Etsy shop, and in person at Die With Your Boots On, a spooky boutique, in Salem, MA.


Skeletons in the Closet Support Fund


Skeletons in the Closet is a handmade clothing line based in Boston, MA, founded by designer Sophie Kaplan. Sophie loves to create dark and whimsical garments that combine gothic designs with splashes of color. While her line mostly focuses on women’s clothing, she also makes men’s and unisex garments, as well as accessories and masks. Website:


Skullduggery Ceramics


Kate is the solo maker behind Skullduggery Ceramics, creating lovely and unusual, handmade, ceramic homeware and jewellery for those who love the spookier side of life. Kate’s studio is in the ancient city of York (UK) – rumoured to be the most Haunted City in Europe. Drawing on themes such as witchcraft, Victorian Mourning practice, pagan festivals, Celtic Samhain and Gothic culture, each jewellery design is wearable art, allowing the wearer to express themselves with tastefully executed, dark designs.



@sillytarantula @smashbeetle

Smashbeetle! is the art commerce store featuring work by the artist D.Marciniak. She is a full-time tattoo artist and illustrator and you can find her traveling to various conventions throughout the year or at Obsidian Tattoo in Bethlehem PA. An avid tea-drinker, professional dabbler, mythology fanatic, and body art nerd, she likes monsters, mythology, and tentacles. You will be able to find her art on tshirts, pins, patches, bags and more!


Speakeasy Donuts


Speakeasy Donuts is a woman-owned, small licensed pop-up donut shop based out of Salem, MA. Wren creates unique artisanal donuts from scratch. From the cute to the macabre! Donut offers available through her website. Local delivery and pick up options at selected locations. Sorry, shipping not available.


Star Strung Jewelry


Star Strung Jewelry is the work of two souls residing in the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by the dance of the stars, the mysteries of the macabre, and wisdom of the past, metal and stone are merged through traditional lapidary and metalsmithing techniques to create wearable art and everyday accessories.


The Art of Alexandra Winthrop


Alexandra Winthrop is a tattoo artist and colored pencil illustrator based out of Chicago’s northwest side. Her artwork, heavily inspired by equal doses of natural history and the supernatural, manifests creatures and revenants on a spectrum from humorous to unhallowed. Trilobites that crawl forth from past ire, inexplicably haunted Halloween candy, and skeletal heralds of dire omens are all lovingly rendered with meticulous detail and a rich palette. The Art of Alexandra Winthrop offers ominous illustrations and eerie accessories. Artwork spans the range from prints and framed originals to stickers, pins, screen-printed shirts, and face masks to liven up cold walls and mortal coils alike.


The Cemeterrarium


Laurie of @thecemeterrarium started making miniature tombstones in 2016, after Amber (founder of DoD and @diewithbootson) sent her a photo of a terrarium with tiny gravestones in it: a cemetery terrarium, or cemeterrarium. Laurie was smitten and wanted one of her own, but when she looked to buy miniature gravestones, nothing she could find had the details she wanted, like traditional motifs, weathering, and moss and lichen growth. So she broke out her craft supplies and started making her own stones based on graves she'd photographed in local cemeteries. In addition to terrarium stones, Laurie also makes jewelry featuring Victorian gravestone motifs. Each of her detailed miniatures is based on a real local tombstone, hand sculpted, and one-of-a-kind. You can shop @thecemeterrarium via


The Pickety Witch


As a New England witch at heart, The Pickety Witch celebrates Rachel's love for witchcraft, folklore, the occult, and goats. She's a practicing witch and artist, loves Black Phillip, and reads Tarot cards. When she's not making art, you can find her hanging out with baby goats at local NC farms. She began with a Kickstarter for two pins in the summer of 2017, then opened her Etsy shop that autumn, and has been running The Pickety Witch ever since.


The Pretty Cult


The Pretty Cult was started in late 2015 by Arielle Salsa as a creative outlet and a way for her to replicate the clothing she saw in films and her favorite musicians wearing on stage. Since then, The Pretty Cult has grown into a company based around the individuality of its patrons whether they be misfits, dark hearts or the magickally inclined. With all clothing being meticulously designed and hand printed by Arielle herself – The Pretty Cult holds onto its small business ideals as a way to never lose sight of the community it represents. The Pretty Cult’s mission is to continue to push the boundaries of what a clothing company can be, while continuing to blur the line between fashion and the rock n roll mentality.

Thorns Clothing


@thorns_clothing is a small company creating tailored, historically-inspired, genderless gothic clothing. Zoh is the designer, patternmaker, and owner, and they work exclusively with highly skilled seamstresses in their local NYC area to construct each piece on a made to order basis.


Trued Apparel


Trued Apparel was founded by Melissa Woods just last December in 2020. She relies on local production partners, photographers and friends to build this brand of elegant alt-fashion, combining loungewear comfort and functionality with looks sleek enough to wear out and about. We emphasize sustainable fabrics and ethical production practices, minimizing material waste, and working for a better future for people and planet.

Verona Black


Danielle Gonzalez is the one woman show behind the dark handmade accessory line, Verona Black. She hand makes leather and canvas handbags, pouches and jewelry in her home studio of Mamaroneck NY which was once the home town of Robert Ripley of Ripleys Believe it or Not. Her bachelor degree in Accessory Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC provided her with a foundation of handbag construction and inspired her imagination to run wild with all the handbag possibilities! Instead of wearing her heart on her sleeve, she wears it hanging off of her shoulder. Everything she loves and is inspired by, she crafts into a bag. She likes for someone to get the first impression of you by looking at your handbag.



Mallory creates gothic, victorian and poetic accessories in central Ohio with her husband and five pups. Her work through Voodooodolly focuses on cast silver jewelry and small batch metal headdresses for daring and darkly romantic individuals

Wee Besoms


Wee Besoms ventures into Salem to forage bundles of fibers and materials to bind into handcrafted besoms. Foraging locations vary from sites of historical significance, public spaces such as beaches and small coves, the far outer edges of salt marshes to the grapevines and grass that grows in the artist’s front yard. Seed dispersal is part of the ritual, as it encourages regrowth and feeds the wildlife. What began in childhood as a restless tendency to pick up small twigs and build tiny log cabins and picket fences or wind stems and vines into wreaths expanded to weaving cornhusks and grasses into functional was discovered that small dolls could be fashioned from grass and beads. Wee Besoms evolved into a craft that utilizes elements from a fine arts education and trade education in hair & cosmetology.


Wings of Sin


Wings of Sin is a small clothing company featuring handmade, unique garments. It is owned by artist Melaney Pettini and reflects Melaney's lifelong love of nature, witchcraft, and folklore. Each piece is individually created to wrap your body in comfort and magick. Which means that, whether you're an Amazonian warrior or a wee tiny pixie, you will have the perfect clothing for you.


Witch City Wicks


Witch City Wicks is a woman owned soy candle company based in Salem, Massachusetts. They offer highly creative scents and packaging that are heavily inspired by alt-subcultures, movies, music, history and life in Salem. All products are poured, labeled and packaged by hand in small batches. The ingredients that go into products are carefully selected to be natural, clean-burning and vegan-friendly, with a wide variety of scents that appeal to many. Witch City Wicks began in 2011 by Liz Frazier as a home-based hobby that grew into a thriving small business. Along with a robust online presence you can find their gorgeous brick and mortar shop located in downtown Salem, MA.

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